Thursday, August 30, 2012

Expand your closet for free!

How you wonder? Have a swap party! Swap partys are a fun and easy way to expand your closet with out having to spend any money. You can do it with two or more of your friends and find fun creative ways to change it up.

 How exactly do you have a swap party?

Get friends. Ask friends with similar taste to yours if they would be interested.
Find someone to host it. Who's house can you do it at.
Guidelines. What can you bring? Clothes, shoes, kitchen items, house items. Ours was only clothes.
In our swap party one person went first then we each took a turn. You can also set it up like a shop and hand out tokens depending on how much people brought. Another way to do it is everyone tags the clothes they like and people that like the same clothes can bargain.

Donate the extra stuff. Whatever you don't want donate to your local charity.

Remember to have fun!

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  1. How fun is this!! wish I had friends that were my size! I'm jealous..