Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Style from Daisy

skirt: forever 21, shirt: Old Navy, shoes: Kohls

Here is day 2 of our blogger style this time from me Daisy. My style is a little bit weirder than the other girls. I like to mix prints and things that really "shoulden't go together". I enjoy solids as well as patterns. I have no specific style, It's always changing depending on my mood or what I see on TV that day. Haha. This is one of my favorite skirts to wear, it can be dressed down with sneakers or dressed up with heels. I really like the pattern and the color.

What is your favorite piece to wear?


  1. Daisy girl, you're so beautiful!! Love your hair! XO

  2. I love it! This is laid back yet dressy... definitely something I would wear. I love that you're being YOU!

  3. I love that skirt! Skirts are my favorite thing to wear! You always look great!